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Conversational AI: A key to unlocking growth?

After the arrival of the

first smartphones, it took about a decade for mobile apps to reach their current maturity. That will seem like a snail’s pace compared to the adoption of another tech breakthrough: AI-enabled customer interactions.

Artificial intelligence is essential to implementing predictive service and customer success programs at speed and scale. With AI enablement, it becomes possible to go beyond the functionality of current mobile apps. You can begin to embed human-like support—for example, greater empathy and proactive coaching—in your app and other communication channels.

In banking, proactive, commonsense outreach may include alerts for potential overdraft issues or a heads up if a recurring transaction does not occur as expected. In retail, companies can grow trust and usage by serving up personalised recommendations based on purchasing history and other in-depth customer insights.

From my perspective, conversational AI is one of the most versatile technologies for growing trust and usage. At its core, conversational AI enables customers to interact with computer systems as they would with other people.

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