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Who we are...

SWG was born in the pioneering City of Kingston Upon Hull, and this pioneering spirit is what we have developed in helping and supporting a wide range of local and national businesses over the last two decades.


Our ethos is simple: We strive to ensure that our customers and their businesses prosper by providing trusted services that allow them to get on and do what they do best - running their business. 


Originally we were called Streetwise Accountancy but as our reputation and our client base grew so did our range of services. As well as our acclaimed Accountancy and Financial services, we now provide a range of professional services which can be tailored to your own needs, this includes support from our IT, Brand Management, Marketing and Energy solutions teams.

Our customers can pick up with any of these services at any time or simply use our individual teams to work alongside their own on a day to day basis.





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Providing clarity in all that we do...

Here at SWG we aim to keep things clear and simple. 

We are transparent in all we do for you and we aim to compliment and enhance your business whatever the disciplines we provide for you.

Our Team.

Here below you can 'meet' some of the members from the individual teams within SWG - well the less shy ones anyway! 

All of these people will often collaborate between themselves and their respective teams when working with you. Their ultimate goal is finding the right solutions that have positive impacts in the performance of your business.

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