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Helping you find the best energy solutions for your business

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Our Utilities Team have been helping and advising a wide range of businesses with their energy management requirements for nearly 20 years.


We know how frustrating managing your energy and utilities can be, especially in recent times with all of the uncertainty around energy supplies and costs, so the Utilities Team at SWG thoroughly understand the challenges that you face. So we aim to help demystify your energy bills and ensure that you get value for money and efficient services from your chosen suppliers.


We source a wide range of pricing options, including renewable energy alternatives as more and more businesses are sourcing green energy solutions in the rush toward net-zero emissions.​​

Over the years we  have helped businesses large and small across the UK, from Manufacturers to Hotels and Restaurants, Head Offices to Distribution Centres where we have advised and helped them find better solutions that save them time and money.


So whatever the size of your business, do get in touch, we're sure we can help make life easier for you and your colleagues. 

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SWG Utilities

Pricing and contract management

We have access to all the major and minor players in the Energy Market and can offer both short term and long term fixed contracts, ranging from 3 months to 5 years. Our contract management process covers quotations and comparisons through to the raising, authorisation and implementation of each contract.

Tailored energy solutions for your business

With each new customer, we review and audit their existing and future needs and then develop the best bespoke solution that benefits your business both now and in the longer term.

What our customers say...

"‘Just renewed my contracts through Commercial & Industrial Utilities and they saved me £2,500 on a £7,000 bill.  

Great service’"

Richard  Soper


"The SWG Team saved me 35% on my Electricity Bill’"

 Tim Caley

Plastic Engineering Products

"As well as generating significant savings on our existing high usage electricity meters, the Utilities team resolved a long standing problem we had with the billing of another high usage meter.
Not your typical broker who are only interested in getting you to sign a contract, they are happy to help resolve any energy issues you may have."

Baden Sonley
Hallmark Group

Empty Factory
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