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We are proud to work with some of the biggest and brightest companies in the UK.

We collaborate on interesting projects from various sectors and industries, providing them with the very best support from our extraordinary team.

Here at SWG we aspire to push the boundaries, creating significant ideas, products and services that support our clients from an environment where our people can thrive. We like to work hard and play hard, as we all need to have a bit of fun and enjoy being at work so we do our best to create that balance at all times.


SWG staff are united in the shared pursuit of becoming an employer of choice. With exposure to interesting and inspiring work in an engaging and supportive workplace that champions creativity, inclusivity and conscientiousness, working at SWG makes for a career enriched with opportunity, learning and progress.


Our continued growth means that we will create more and more career opportunities over the coming years across our core disciplines.


Because location is no longer a barrier, we encourage applications from all over the UK and beyond.

Shine and rise...

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and we are dedicated to helping them do just that.


Our commitment to career development and our dedication to our clients is what sets us apart.

Working at SWG you will receive every encouragement to learn, develop and hone your skills for the benefit of all parties.

Grow and develop

We love to watch our people grow. That could be simply developing skills and becoming more proficient in your current role or helping you to progress on through to senior positions.


Ultimately your career is about what you want to be and who you want to be. It’s about bringing your skills, your creativity and your best true self to your role every day so you enjoy your work.

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